Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Two Nigerian Girls Caught In The Act On Camera

WARNING: graphic picture meant for persons 18+
I wonder the kind of demon that is manipulating some of our young girls of these days into this sort of despicable act and such other deeds that are contrary to our cultural norms.

The question is: Must we copy just anything and everything we see being practised by foreigners? What ever happened to the pride we used to exhibit in our core values as Africans and indeed Nigerians?


  1. I dont understand why you publish these pictures and what disgusting about them, first of all these pictures were published without the permission of these girls. Whatever they were doing in that picture was private and it is an every day occurance in the country. Their sexual preferences is their affair and whatever comments made here in this forum is of no revelance to the issue of lesbianism or homosexualty both in nigeria and the rest of world.
    The sicko here is the guy who published it, i dont know what he or she seeks to achieve with it.

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